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The little lumpling is now the little man.... and even identifies himself as such. He;s now 3 years old.C4_3yr_pics_fam1


Long time no see...

Popped over here to LJ land to look for something I wrote up and thought that I might have posted here. And was surprised to see that it's been a good few years since I put anything here. **boggle**

Yeah, I'm still around but just not here that much any more.

PSA: Magical Acts is shutting down...

What follows is the official notice from the Board of Directors of Magical Acts regarding shutting down the organization that we released at PantheaCon 2011. If you were ever involved with a Magical Acts Ritual Theatre production please be certain to read this through.

Obviously PantheaCon is over - so if you are someone interested in a costume or prop that we may still have in storage, please contact us at maiacfo AT to let us know the following:

1. Name of the production

2. What part you played, or what you did for the production

3. What prop or costume piece you are interested in

This applies to both actors and support crew - we believe that someone who built a prop may be as attached to that prop as an actor who wore a costume to play a part. Please remember that many of our productions involved the actors creating and providing their own costume pieces - so we may not have something you are interested in.

All requests for items must be received on or before April 30th, 2011 and items will be gotten to interested parties as time allows. Please remember that immediate &/or quick turnaround on requests is not guaranteed - it all depends on what free time Cruz & I have.

Any items left over will be donated to an appropriate school or theatre.

Feel free to share this if you think there is someone who needs to know but may not see this.

This will be cross-posted to other online sources as well.



To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven . . .

For over ten years, Magical Acts International Association/Magical Acts Ritual Theatre has

encouraged and assisted the development and growth of ritual and ritual theatre in the Bay Area

– and beyond – through presentations of Oracles from the Living Tarot, Heretics Harlots and

Heroes, and many other ground-breaking productions.

Myriad signs and portents over the past two years have indicated to us (the members of the

MAIA Board of Directors) that MAIA’s mission is fulfilled, that ritual and ritual theatre are alive

and thriving and growing in the Bay Area, that there are now many avenues available to our

community for this work, and that MAIA’s time is finished.

To celebrate this past decade+ of Magical Acts – and our special long-time connection with the

Con – we will be hosting a party room at this year’s PantheaCon. We plan to be open from 1 pm

to midnight Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Drop by and share your memories!

Over the next few months of this year, MAIA will be going through our storage unit and figuring

out what to do with all of the “stuff” – including costumes and props – that we will no longer

be able to store. If you were in or involved with a production and feel a strong attachment to

certain costumes or props, please come by the MAIA room and let us know. We will have a sign-

up sheet available there for you to indicate the items you are interested in. If they are still in our

possession, we will endeavor to locate them and arrange for you to take possession of them.

In closing, we wish to thank everyone who has contributed to Magical Acts over these past years.

Linda “Kitty” VonBraskat-Crowe

Caradwen “Sabre” von Braskat

Molly McEnerney

Darrin Barnett


Writer's Block: Too scary!!

Was there something you were afraid of as a child that just seems silly to you now?

Motorcycles... I used to have recurring nightmares that always had motorcycles in them.
Crossposted from FB (just in case the stupud LJ error I got was in, errrr, error and this did not post before):

Okay people - we love the fact that you love PantheaCon. With that said, you're gnna have to be a teensy bit more patient to get your room reserved. I just got an updated load date for the room block. Saturday Feb 27th is the hard date I have been given by our Event Manager at the Doubletree for when you can call in. You all can try calling on Friday the 26th, but don't expect too much. She confirmed for me that Friday is when they will be downloading the room info from one system to the other (hotels are rather archaic and have multiple systems that do not talk to each other without LOTS of poking and prodding). Hopefully this will go smoothly and you will all get to Ro-Sham-Bo for rooms by the end of the week!


Dickens Faire 2009

Again with the posting here because it will flow over to Facebook (I'll go there and tag people shortly).

Home from Dickens. A bit tired. But we spent 6-ish hours there walking around - my ankle held up pretty well and only really started hurting as we were leaving.

We got to see a bunch of friends and sadly there were a couple we did not manage to track down. But I was all full of nostalgia and found that I REALLY missed Dickens. It's been 14 years since I worked it (I still have my participants pass from 1995). It was fun, but bittersweet. Cruz was even making noises about how he though it might be fun to work it. So... we know TONS of people there so something tells me we could likely find SOMETHING to do! Any suggestions anyone? :)

We got to see Karsten at the Adventurers Club (who got us in - thank you VERY much!) and we gave him his own pan of fresh-baked-this-morning-and-still-slightly-warm Double Dark Chocolate Guinness Brownies as a thank you.

We got to see Kaellie and Rachel at Mad Sals and gave them cookies.

We got to see Rydel & Thalassa (in different places) and gave them cookies.

We got to see SallyRose and Drew at Dark Garden and gave them cookies.

We brought them all cookies because we were certain we'd find them (and the point was to get cookies OUT of the house and not bring them back home). If the rest of you feel shorted, I can try to make it up to you! :)

We also got to see Meg at the Puzzle Ring Shop, Remington at Fezziwigs, Steve at The Adventurers Club (did not have a chance to say hi, but we exchanged waves), z! in the street, Dearbhail/Jennifer at the Dicken Parlor (OMG I ***LOVE*** her dress) AND in the Dark Garden window, and while I saw Robert, he was very busy being Mr. Dickens and so I did not want to interrupt him.

In no particular order we also ran into:
Schyler and his friends.
Diana and the Woozles (yay for hugs from God-children!)
Sarah Goodman
Patrick White

And I saw tons of people I recognized from years of doing Faire (both Northern Ren and Dickens WAAAY back when).

Sally got Cruz and I into corsets, OMG Cruz is TINY! He was wearing one that laces down to a 25" waist (yes I have pictures) and he got pics of me in the one I tried on. And I got my hair braided (more pictures). We had Steak & Mushroom pies for lunch (YUMMY) and sat and watched some belly dancing. And I kept feeling bittersweet. And did I mention I missed it? Terribly? Yeah, thought so...

**EDIT** I am reposting now that I have reconnected FB & LJ... GRRR, but it appears to not actually flow to my "notes" any more. THAT is gonna piss me off if true.

DAMNIT - stupid LJ & FB...

Not playing nice - my last entry did not flow over there. Grrf...


Wheee.Whee Holiday planning... Winter 2009

Getting this out of my head here in LJ as it will post to my FB notes. I know I have barely posted here, I find the fly-by-night nature of FB currently is more suited to how I can operate. But I will try to be better for longer things.


This past weekend was US time due to our anniversary. And we spent time on the house.

Next weekend is chock full of con stuff (both days) so Friday evening will be devoted to prepping for that.

Third weekend is a little more con stuff (including Friday), a big event for two dear friends and then packing for the trip down south.

We're going to my Sister's in Oceanside for Turkey Day (Since she and I have not had a Turkey Day together in over a decade). And then that weekend is LosCon at the LAX Marriott. It's also the 6 month out mark for BayCon and the just under 3 month out mark for PantheaCon. Really, I am NOT panicking.


The first weekend is some con planning stuff (again both days) and one friends birthday and another friends anniversary. Not that I expect to be doing stuff with either of them specifically, more of a mental note to myself.

Second weekend is the beginning of Hannukah and possibly some con related holiday stuff.

Third weekend is Mother's Night with a friend (I get to use my new chocolate mold that makes skeleton keys) and Yule (I figure there will be some wandering caroling in there somewhere if I don't get a cold AGAIN this year and can actually be outside singing).

And then Christmas, which is just far enough out that I am not quite thinking about it... yet.... but I know it's there. I just wish we had a house where WE could host people. I get so tired of no tree, and no holiday time at home, and having to impose on others. I keep telling myself "someday" but with each passing year I believe it less and less.


It looks like New Years will be up at Greyhaven, which we have not managed to attend in a couple of years. And 12/31 is a Blue Moon on top of it so it could be a lovely night. And then later that weekend more con stuff since PantheaCon is President's Day weekend.

That's it for now. Off to play Wiz 101 for a bit.

PSA Contact Lens Wearers...

Hey - we have an unopened bottle of Opti-Free Express Multi Purpose Disinfecting Solution - the exp date on the bottle is Nov of 2009. Cruz got new contacts and he cannot use this solution with them so it's up for grabs (within reason of course, we have to be able to hand it off somehow, right?).

Anyone want it? With money the way it is for everyone right now, we would hate to toss it.

Cruz is coming home!!!

I get to bring him home today!!!


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